I’m Daniel Mungai, a freelance writer for hire who enjoys crafting valuable content that your business deserves and your audience craves.  

Whether you are looking at attracting new prospects or engaging your current audience, life has just got easier for you! I will deliver posts and content that entices and retains.

Let’s work together to hit the goals you have for your content and blog posts. Reach out through    daniel@dmungai.com as we take steps towards an exciting future with your content.


Here is some of my work  to  give you a glimpse of how I do it or jump to my portfolio page for more pieces.

7 Lead Magnet Options to Build Your List

Image Credit: Deposit Photos
You may wonder if ever you need a lead magnet but if you have a website, a blog or an online product, then you need a lead magnet. The freebie will attract your audience, a group of people who go beyond one-off purchases. Regular loyal online visitors who have you at the back of their minds every time they need the product or service you have.

These people at times even seek your advice on things you don’t offer. Why? Because they have you as the authority in anyt…


How do You Deal With Procrastination as a Freelance Writer?

It’s deadline day. Your writing project is due in 5 hours and you’ve not done much.
You feel guilty you’ve squandered a lot of time before.
You look at the ticking clock and ask yourself one sobering question, “how come I’m always procrastinating parts of my work?” It’s not the first time nor is it the fifth time.
Or perhaps you’ve been planning to revamp your blog to include an affiliate marketing opportunity you’ve zeroed in on. You keep putting aside the thought of writing the copy for the…


7 Easy Ways to Maintain a Vibrant Online Presence

You’ve watched over time people and businesses who seem to appear everywhere you visit on the Internet. You admire their breakthrough in online campaigns. You are wondering why your product is not doing that well.

You know what? Something is just not right!

Why? Your blog, website, and product are still yours. Few people have expressed interest in them. What’s worse, your address list is not doing any better. Zero to minimal growth is what you have observed.

Well, there is hope for your produ…


9 Benefits of Implementing a Firewall

You’ve thought about having a firewall but shelved the idea again and again! You feel like yours is not a big business. Hear me out, the hackers know it. Small businesses are more vulnerable to attacks than big ones. They don’t put in enough measures to counter cyber threats. Indeed, 60% of small businesses that have a cyber attack close within 6 months. In a single year, statistics suggest 20% of respondents have been hit more than 6 times by cyber attacks. The threat is real.
60% of small b…

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